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NetAlerts Designs, Develops, and Deploys Internet based Alert Monitoring and Notification Systems.


Public Emergency Alerting

Looking to improve your emergency alerting program? A new full service solution for Canada is now available PEASI

Wireless Public Alerts

Wireless alerts will be available to Canadians starting on April 2018. Contact us to learn how you can be ready to incorporate this new technology.

Common Look and Feel 1.2

The latest update to the Canadian Common Look and Feel guidance document for public alerts in Canada has been published. NetAlerts had a leading role in the development of this latest update.


NetAlerts is the public alerting technology provider behind the Saskatchewan Emergency Alerts system.

CAP Canadian Profile

Version 1.0 of the CAP Canadian Profile has been released. NetAlerts played a leading role in this latest update to the Profile and comments and feedback are encouraged.

CAP 1.2

CAP 1.2 has been approved as an official OASIS Standard. NetAlerts played a key role in developing this update to the Standard.

Alberta Emergency Alert

NetAlerts is the public alerting technology provider behind the Alberta Emergency Alert system.