NetAlerts Services

A suite of products called the Network Alert System, developed and hosted by NetAlerts, uses the power and reach of the Internet to enhance the delivery of emergency messages.

Traditional methods of distributing information in an emergency provide varying degrees of immediacy and useful information. These notification systems also lack integration through their use of different standards and formats. The Common Alert Protocol (CAP) standard was designed to unify current and future systems in an integrated notification system, allowing 1 message to trigger sirens, radio/TV broadcasts, telephone systems, and other methods. CAP is an international standard for all-media, all-hazards public warning messages.

CAP messages are the basis for all of the alerting and notification products developed by NetAlerts. This offers a future-proof system that is interoperable with other CAP based systems world-wide. The Network Alert System is compliant with both the Canadian Profile of CAP and the IPAWS Profile of CAP in the U.S.

With internet access readily available to a local population, our products are designed to leverage the speed and reach of the internet to enhance existing notification systems. Alert messages sent to home and office computers and broadcast to cell phones, can now reach thousands of people in both the local and surrounding areas quickly and easily. The Network Alert System is distributed and scalable allowing for expansion from a small system for a thousand, to a large scale system supporting millions, while being secure and reliable.

NetAlerts also provides design, development, and implementation support to organizations who are considering a CAP based system. Our expert consultants have years of experience in the public alerting field and are available on a short or long term basis to provide whatever level of support and guidance your project may need. Let us show you how we can take your alerting capabilities to the next level.